4 Major Challenges of Starting a Business in Kuwait

Kuwait today features in the top 100 nations of the world for the ease of doing business and the resistance that people used to face from the traditionalists are easing slowly. The place has a rich cultural heritage and the Kuwaitis are proud of it. So, for them to accept innovative ideas takes time but slowly they have started accepting it. Even the government is now supportive especially for the industries that are emerging in the manufacturing and export sector.


An Insight into Kuwaiti Food

The people of Kuwait are known for their generosity and warm hospitality. People who visit Kuwait know how well they are treated there. The Kuwaitis display their affection by their unique daily greeting, which includes a handshake and a kiss or two on the cheek.  Kuwait is basically an Islamic country where a vast majority of the total population follows the religion.


You will find mosques in each and every town as well as city. People who follow Islam have to do namaz each day: once before the sunrise, during the noon, in the evening, after the sunset and then finally at night. It is just an awesome feel to just listen to this prayer.

How to Obtain Visit Visa for Kuwait?

Kuwait, a small country in Gulf, made its prominence felt after the Second World War. It was primarily due to two reasons: firstly, due to its strategic location at the North Western corner of the Persian Gulf, and secondly due to its rich oil reserves. It has a history of being a prosperous trade centre for many centuries and the government of Kuwait is again trying to revive those entrepreneur traits of Kuwaitis.


Indians keep visiting this country for both business as well as leisure purposes. Since India is not yet in the list of 70 countries that can get a visa on arrival, they need to apply for Kuwait visit visa for Indians beforehand.

The Popularity Indian Restaurants in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the finest cities in the world. It is a small city that is perched on the North of the Arabian-Gulf. Kuwait has a wonderful coastline, and some highly regarded architecture as well as a plethora of top-class places for eating. However, the bad part is that this place has some real bad neighbors. Iraq had invaded this place in the 90s and a series of looting happened.


Kuwait is still a wonderful city, which is neatly maintained. There are a lot of visitors in this city who have some major ambitions in life. Even though it is not as wealthy as the other Middle Eastern countries, it is definitely a pretty developed place, which has a solid infrastructure. You can see people from all parts of the world here. The expats in Middle East is always increasing; there have been so many new start-ups flourishing here as the potential to start a business is really big.

The Life of Indians in Kuwait

Kuwait is small country in the Gulf region and is rich in oil reserves. In the recent past, it has slowly started embracing start-up businesses and encouraging the growth of businesses. It’s common to find many Indians working in companies here as Kuwaitis consider India to be a very quickly developing economy and a source for highly qualified technical and professional personnel.


The Indian community in this Gulf country includes Indian expatriates (mostly from Tamil Nadu and Kerala) and Kuwaiti citizens of Indian descent. Professionals like doctors, engineers, software experts, architects, retail traders, semi-skilled workers, and businessmen are mainly a part of the Indian community in Kuwait. Lately, the number of highly qualified professionals in areas like financial and software sector has increased greatly.