Hurry -78 Luxury Cars Are up for Grab-Through Auction

Two international summits are scheduled to take place in Malta and 78 Volvo luxury cars will be used to ferry around the various dignitaries participating in these summits.






These cars will be up for auction in the month of December after the summits. Though CHOGM has not officially confirmed the reports of auctioning off these cars, according to the government sources – “We will be following the exact pattern of 2005 and plans are already in hand so that an official announcement on the holding of this auction will be made at the beginning of December.”

Reverse Kuwait Sports Ban: Refused by IOC

There was a call given by the Kuwaiti government to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to temporarily lift a 14-month sports ban. But the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has rejected the call made by the Kuwaiti regarding the sports ban. There is now a controversial law made by the Gulf state.

The football governing body FIFA and International Olympic Committee (IOC) are responsible for leading all the sports bodies around the world. The IOC and FIFA had suspended Kuwait for the second time in October 2015; the first time was in the year 2010 for over-alleged government meddling in the world of sports.

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3 Reasons Why Students Look For Essay Writing Service in Kuwait

For centuries, Kuwait was nothing more than a transitory home for the Arabic nomads. The nomadic community of people of Arabian descent Sabahs were the first to settle in 1710 followed by the Utab clan in middle of 18th century to make Kuwait what it is today.


Today it is a bustling city, which contributes a lot to the world economy. The youth of Kuwait today are getting the best education and are working in best of the industries. But these students often take help of professionals when it comes to completing their assignments.

Let us see some of the reasons why these students need the help of essay writing service Kuwait.

  1. Fluency in English: When it comes to completing the assignments, many of the Kuwaiti students take help of professional services to complete it. This is because most of them are not very fluent in English as English is not a part of the curriculum from the start of the academic journey. Thus, they hire the services of the professionals who are skilled in writing for a pocket-friendly amount to do their assignments and help them get good grades.
  2. Timelines: Students are often hard pressed for time and getting someone who does quality work help them to submit the projects well before the deadlines. These professional writers complete the work based on the instructions given by the students well before time. This enables the students to go through it and make changes if required before making the submission.
  3. Helps in Getting the Desired College: For long, college admissions essays have been thought of as a crapshoot. Hiring an essay writer, who knows how to crack the code for a particular college or University helps in getting admission.

Although few people feel that hiring the services of essay writer is unethical and the students should write their essays on their own, actually speaking it has many benefits like the professional writer makes sure that there are no grammatical errors and there is proper usage of spellings etc. It also gives students a chance to have a different perspective on the topic as the professionals have an expertise and what they create is very different and unique.

Must-See Festivals and Culture in Kuwait

Many Middle East countries are the hot destinations for people all over the globe to go for shopping and sightseeing. If you are the one who loves to enjoy and experience the rich Islamic culture through the festivals then Kuwait is the perfect place for you.

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Mercedes-Benz SL Class: Changes to Look Out for

With just a week to go for the much-awaited global launch of the new Mercedes-Benz SL-class, enthusiasts have started the countdown to witness the big day.

The new SL-class is all set to be launched on November 18 at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. Do you think there’s any other better place than this to take the cover off and reveal its styling? This luxury drop-top is an ideal choice of a lavish car only for the wealthy business-class enthusiasts.

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Top 4 Architectural Wonders of Kuwait

Kuwait has an incredibly rich cultural heritage. It is a blissful place where the Kuwaitis are getting modernised without giving up their culture, customs and heritage. There are many architectural wonders in this colourful, traditional land that reminds of the richness of their style of architecture. While being in the race of getting modern, they have not left behind their roots and are actually building their future on the sound base of their rich past.

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Nissan Tiida Price, Specs, and Review

If you are looking for a quick Nissan Tiida review, read this article. It is a compact car produced by the Japanese car manufacturer in the year 2004. Find out more about Nissan Tiida specs and Nissan Tiida price here.

Tiida had replaced the Pulsar, Sunny, and Sentra, which depends on the market. It is also marketed as Versa prominently in US, and as Dodge Trazo in South American markets.

It is the successor of Almera in Europe and the name “Almera” is also used in Malaysia and Philippines. According to a press release released by the company in the year 2008, Versa is the short name for “versatile space”, which is meant to imply the interior spacing and configurable cargo arrangements.

The Latio sedan and Tiida hatchback made their debut in the year 2004 and in few selected European countries in the year 2007. It shares the stretched-wheelbase variant of Nissan B platform and manufactured as 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan, and marketed as Nissan Tiido Latio. The vehicle comes with a 1.5Liter, 1.6Liter and 1.8-Liter gasoline engine and also with a 1.5 L diesel engine.

nissan tiida review

In the year January 2008, the company also introduced the facelift version of sedan and hatchback. The 5-door hatchback Tiida and a 4-door sedan Latio have been enhanced with few changes with respect to interior design, exterior features, powertrain enhancements, retuned power steering, and new Plusnavi HDD packages also known as CarWings in Japan.

Other exterior features also include new front bumper, new grille, headlamps, front bumper, rear bumper, taillights, and new wheel covers. The interior sports a contemporary look and also better usability, visibility, new instrument cluster, and also metallic dash panels.

Engines included are a 1.8-litre or a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine; the larger one is coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. You can also see 2 optional dealer packages: the S-tune Nismo Aero package and Nismo Performance package.

In Kuwait, Nissan Tiida may cost anywhere in the range of 6,000KWD.

4 Major Challenges of Starting a Business in Kuwait

Kuwait today features in the top 100 nations of the world for the ease of doing business and the resistance that people used to face from the traditionalists are easing slowly. The place has a rich cultural heritage and the Kuwaitis are proud of it. So, for them to accept innovative ideas takes time but slowly they have started accepting it. Even the government is now supportive especially for the industries that are emerging in the manufacturing and export sector.


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An Insight into Kuwaiti Food

The people of Kuwait are known for their generosity and warm hospitality. People who visit Kuwait know how well they are treated there. The Kuwaitis display their affection by their unique daily greeting, which includes a handshake and a kiss or two on the cheek.  Kuwait is basically an Islamic country where a vast majority of the total population follows the religion.


You will find mosques in each and every town as well as city. People who follow Islam have to do namaz each day: once before the sunrise, during the noon, in the evening, after the sunset and then finally at night. It is just an awesome feel to just listen to this prayer.

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How to Obtain Visit Visa for Kuwait?

Kuwait, a small country in Gulf, made its prominence felt after the Second World War. It was primarily due to two reasons: firstly, due to its strategic location at the North Western corner of the Persian Gulf, and secondly due to its rich oil reserves. It has a history of being a prosperous trade centre for many centuries and the government of Kuwait is again trying to revive those entrepreneur traits of Kuwaitis.


Indians keep visiting this country for both business as well as leisure purposes. Since India is not yet in the list of 70 countries that can get a visa on arrival, they need to apply for Kuwait visit visa for Indians beforehand.

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